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Delivering high-quality production systems

We have a special relationship with the University of Dayton, which gives us a large development stack, backed by decades of success stories. We are focused on delivering high-quality production systems on time and on budget.  When we add our world-class support and installation/manufacturing ability, we are truly the one-stop-shop for success.

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We use an Agile development process to deliver high-quality products in small increments with lots of client feedback.


Hardware Integration

From 100% custom design to commercial off the shelve components, we can create and install a solution that works for you.


24/7 Support

We offer world-class support. You know you will always have someone there to help, we leverage the very best local, US-based talent.

What is RIOTT?

A collaborative IoT solution that is secure, scalable, and innovative. It was developed to create smart and future-ready buildings that are efficient, sustainable, and easy to maintain.

RIIoT (Renaissance Industrial Internet of Things)

RIIoT seamlessly facilitates the secure exchange of data between all third-party sensors including: energy, lighting, water/plumbing, HVAC, fire safety, and security all while leveraging advanced digitization, big data, and machine learning capabilities.

 Our software and hardware is designed to address the entire building ecosystem. With easy integration of devices (even most 3rd party), RIIoT delivers the performance and data-throughput needed for anything from one small building to a large, complex multi-site enterprise. RIIoT leverages advanced cyber-resilient systems and protocols to keep the entire system safe.

RIIoT Features

  • A truly mobile experience: access building data anytime, anywhere on smartphones, tablets or laptops

  • Real-time alerts:  email, text, smartphone push, 3rd party system

  • Convenience:  large campuses and global enterprise in one view

  • Operational efficiency:  intuitive design saves time and labor

  • Facility Management:  RIIoT allows not only monitoring, but control as well

  • Preventative Maintenance:  advanced AI/ML for exceptional preventive maintenance  

  • Communication:  fast, reliable, secure, and ideal for high bandwidth data throughput

  • Economical:  low deployment, operational, and maintenance costs

  • Flexibility:  architected to accommodate change

  • Hardware:  can utilize cloud or on-premise services


RIIoT’s next-generation visualization tools enable customers to better manage and optimize building assets with insight, more engineering efficiency, and increased cybersecurity and compliance certifications.

  • Enhance productivity and effectiveness with our simple and intuitive user interface

  • Personalized user interfaces and dashboards

  • Attractive, scalable vector graphics


Enhanced Dashboarding (dynamic charting, geo-referenced assets, deep data mining, and cutting-edge mapping visualizations), Data Storage (leveraging the latest in Hybrid cloud technologies to deliver the best-of-breed in on and off premise storage), and Engineering Efficiencies & Tools.

  • Comprehensive reports, trends, alarms, notifications & schedules 

  • Quick informed decision making driven by RIIoT’s ability to collect, summarize, and present building data in relevant and usable ways with our advanced reporting tools

  • Combat building issues, like mold, by monitoring and controlling real-time humidity or other water infiltration

  • Look for unusual water usage, which could indicate a water leak (water heaters, faucets, pipes, and leaky toilets)


With RIIoT-C2, one can not just view the building data, but actually, command and control (C2) various building subsystems either from the Dashboard, or using RIIoT smart control logic to automate things, making your building truly smart giving the best tenant experience.

  • Get away from temporal settings and use real-time building data to control temperature, O2/C02, humidity, lighting, music, etc.

  • Turn off water supply remotely or even automatically if things start leaking  

  • Lock and unlock doors remotely

  • Set all thermostats with a click of one button

Our Experience

Here are some examples of the work the New Dawn Labs’ founding members have performed during their tenure for UDRI.

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