Footprint is a situational awareness system designed for Law Enforcement and Security applications, and can be easily tailored for facility management, emergency response, or visualizing any geo-located data. Included in Footprint are capabilities for wide-area situational awareness with improved context, intuitive “touch” user interface, GPS accurate imagery, forensic analysis capability, and an open architecture design that allows for the interoperability of components as well as the rapid modification of the system’s overall capabilities. The UDRI software team built the middleware layer that connects/collects thousands of sensors, data points, cameras, heat maps, license plate reader’s, chemical, biological, and other ancillary sensor input; it all gets put on the map. Footprint is currently used by various Law Enforcement agencies and UDRI is the team that integrates all the disparate data feeds.

Footprint provides world-class affordable situational awareness solutions for Law Enforcement:

  • City-scale situational awareness by blending crime and infrastructure data with advanced sensor technology
  • Simultaneous fusion of hundreds of sensor and data inputs to provide complete contextual awareness
  • Cueing systems to alert officers of critical situations
  • Time saving (30% minimum) forensic analysis of archived information
  • Sensor input enhancement to maximize the real-time value of information
  • Based on 2D and 3D GPS accurate maps
  • Plug and Play structure that leverages legacy investments

Footprint Article:

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We have a special relationship with the University of Dayton, which gives us a large development stack, backed by decades of success stories. We are focused on delivering high-quality production systems on time and on budget.  When we add our world-class support and installation/manufacturing ability, we are truly the one-stop-shop for success.

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