ICEE is an AFCEC-sponsored initiative to provide next-generation civil engineer (CE) asset monitoring, overall situational awareness, data integration, analysis, infrastructure and facility management, and infrastructure vulnerability assessments, deriving data directly and automatically from Real Property Installed Equipment (RPIE) via the Industrial Control Systems (ICS) that connect them. ICEE has been deployed to 2 installations (Peterson AFB and Wright Patterson AFB) initially and integrated into the CE networks at each installation. The UDRI software group team was the group that created the middleware layer for ICEE, further, they helped ICEE to receive an Interim Authority to Test (IATT) from AFCEC on each of those deployments. The UDRI software group gained invaluable insight and experience in unifying various ICS data streams and hosting and visualizing them within the Air Force system architecture. The UDRI software group was uniquely postured to create a data integration environment for available energy-related data streams such as advanced energy meters, networked sensors, automated switch gear, and SCADA and unify that data with GeoBase, where HAFB manages its mapping, real property and project data. 


Delivering high-quality production systems

We have a special relationship with the University of Dayton, which gives us a large development stack, backed by decades of success stories. We are focused on delivering high-quality production systems on time and on budget.  When we add our world-class support and installation/manufacturing ability, we are truly the one-stop-shop for success.

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