In 2018, UDRI was picked as a finalist to showcase an open middleware layer for DHS Science and Technology Directorate’s (S&T’s) demonstration. The SCITI Labs initiative was to leverage cutting-edge Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to deliver new capabilities to DHS (it was very similar to this challenge). UDRI took lessons learned from the many interoperable framework projects it has done and developed an open, secure, expandable platform to connect various sensors and actuators. This was where the Renaissance Industrial Internet of Things (RIIoT) platform was born, to securely move data from any producer to any data consumer without vendor lock-in. RIIoT was the only independent, vendor agnostic, middleware layer that was chosen for this exercise. The UDRI software team was not only able to connect most of the participant’s sensors/systems into one unified view, but to also perform command and control (C2) capability. Using RIIoT, the UDRI team was able to provide real-time data of the building envelope to first responders via a simple URL lookup that was used by the incident commander. SCITI was able to test out RIIoT at the SCITI demo in 2018. At the demo, firefighters entered the building with full gear on, after turning off gas to the building, because RIIoT showed real-time gas measurements. Further, real-time people counts by room number helped find causalities faster. RIIoT was able to give real-time building data to the incident commander, via a simple web page integrated into the commanders Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) allowing the commander to make faster incident evaluations because he was more informed. RIIoT was able to connect all the various systems/sensors at the SCITI demo within a day.

 “During a simulated search and identify scenario, responders were able to adjust baseline operating procedures using the information provided by SCITI Labs technologies—changing the building ingress point based on video data, donning protective gear outside instead of inside because of a gas sensor reading or modifying clearance patterns based on sensor detection of individuals inside buildings” – DHS


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We have a special relationship with the University of Dayton, which gives us a large development stack, backed by decades of success stories. We are focused on delivering high-quality production systems on time and on budget.  When we add our world-class support and installation/manufacturing ability, we are truly the one-stop-shop for success.

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